Animated Explainer Videos to

Animated explainer video content is an informative and engaging format with which to market your company to consumers. Producing these videos to a high standard takes time and effort, but the results can be significant.

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What Are Animated Videos?

Animated videos are a form of visual content that primarily consist of visual elements that are not live-action. Some of the creative tools used in animated videos are drawings, CGI effects, illustrations and original designs. Animated videos can also include live-action parts, although it isn’t essential.
Animated video production can take place in all sorts of businesses. The budget a business sets for animated video content will determine the techniques it uses.
Animated videos are an effective form of marketing content that can stylistically express specific concepts. As such, they often prove to be particularly engaging and thought-provoking for consumers.
Due to this, businesses can use animated videos to fulfil many roles. These include product demos, branding, instructional and explainer videos, and more. The length of animated videos can therefore vary considerably.

Simplify Complex Concepts With

Animated Explainer Videos

As a form of content, animated explainer videos effectively make complex topics understandable for potential customers. The main reason for this is that they utilise both audio and visual elements as stimulation. It’s been scientifically proven that these aspects of animated explainer videos help viewers retain information.

The best explainer video company will translate technical, potentially complicated ideas into simplistic content. Animated videos can do this by using more commonly-spoken language, which is more accessible for people to understand. This allows the opportunity for techniques like analogies or rhetorical questions to be used to the end of simplifying a concept.

Simplifying datasets and the trends and outliers within them is a strength of animated explainer video services. Unlike a PowerPoint presentation, these can move to show relevant pieces within the information. This visual cue then combines with the audio to reinforce the message.

Why You Need Animated
Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a must-have for your content outlets, as they help increase sales. They accomplish this by offering compact, efficient, easy to access content.

Reading through a host of lengthy articles to learn about your business can potentially put consumers off. A company that uses animated explainer video services will be avoiding this by diversifying its content. Having an animated explainer video as the entry point for potential customers means they get a clear picture of your products and services, as well as what your brand stands for.


Because animated explainer videos are narrated, it adds a level of persuasiveness to your content. A human voice is typically easier for consumers to connect with. This is great for first impressions, as it also allows you to present your business through an enthusiastic or upbeat tone.


Know Your Brand First

The benefits of explainer videos go beyond simply bringing in new customers, although they do that exceedingly well. Animated explainer videos are incredibly flexible in their application. As such, they can be used to cover all manner of topics, both about your business and news concerning your chosen industry at large.
Additionally, explainer videos, especially animated ones, can give consumers an accurate representation of a business’s services. This enhances your brand image and goes a long way to building trust between your business and its audience. The result is a high lead conversion rate for your content.

Explain What You Do

It’s of the utmost importance that consumers understand what you can offer them. Depending on your type of business or the industry you’re a part of, explaining what you do can be difficult. Explainer videos allow you to demonstrate products and services, efficiently getting your message across.

Educate Your Audience

Likely, at least a portion of your potential customers won’t know how your product works or the industry surrounding it. Animated video production can give your audience the full picture. This demonstrates a level of expertise on your part while aiding your audience in their understanding of your brand.

Simplify Complex Ideas

Tackling complex ideas using written content alone can prove daunting for readers. In contrast, using explainer video services allows long explanations to be condensed and delivered to consumers in accessible ways. The spoken voice present in animated explainer videos works towards simplification, too, as it is often easier to listen than to read.

Sell Your Product

An animated explainer video can be used to illustrate the strengths of your product and how it can benefit consumers. Resultantly, it is a great way to make a sales pitch to your potential customers. Furthermore, the audio and visual nature of the video format allows it to be a more personable form of marketing.